I have a confession to make.

I should note that this will (inevitably) come as no surprise to most everyone I know: I’ve got a wee bit of a sweet tooth.

But let’s be honest, sweet tooth doesn’t really begin to describe it… sweet teeth would perhaps be more accurate but even that phrasing would fall short of the truth.

Sugar was always my kryptonite, my Achilles’ heel, my Professor Moriarty, my Bertha Mason locked away, waiting to strike…

vegan chocolate cake

Sinfully delicious vegan cake.

Why do I bring this up? you ask. That’s a great question. As I so often say: you may have guessed it although you might not believe it, since going veggie my ‘entanglement’ with sugar has begun to change.

One of my biggest concerns prior to becoming vegan was missing out on sweets and baked goods, especially around the holidays. I was worried about missing the Scottish delicacy caramel shortbread, or the Thanksgiving classic pecan pie, and everything in between.  But honestly, I don’t miss them. I don’t miss them at all.

Part of the solution has been that I’ve been able to recreate old classics like chocolate chip cookies and also discover new ones like gluten free raspberry scones — and don’t let the fruit component fool you. They’re delicious and suitably indulgent from a nutritional perspective. Truly!

But more than discovering these new recipes, I’ve found the biggest secret to my (slowly but surely) decreasing dependence on sugar is that my palate has changed. My expectations have changed.

Going vegan is so much more than switching from a turkey sandwich at lunch to a peanut butter and marmite sandwich, or swapping skim milk in my tea in for almond milk. Going veggie is about recalibrating how you think about food, what you expect from food, and what you look for in a good meal. It’s about delighting not in the familiarity of a sweet but rather in the journey by which you discover a new one.

Veganism is all about the journey and being at the stage of life I am I really love that. Indeed in many ways, the journey is even more fun than the destination itself. Though more often than not, the destination is pretty gosh darn delicious…