“I don’t know how to say this… but… I’m kind of a big deal.”

That’s what kale would say to you if it could speak.

Kale really is an amazing food. My sister has been known to describe it as superfood. I’ve been known to describe it as just plain delicious. Regardless of how well acquainted you are with kale, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s old news. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan (no pun intended) or a staunch omnivore, you should definitely take a closer look.


Kale — Don’t knock it til you tried it. (Photo: http://steamykitchen.com)

According to nutritiondata.self.com, a single serving of kale contains 206% of your daily Vitamin A intake and 134% of your daily Vitamin C intake, among lots of other nutrients such as protein, iron and calcium. But, I’m most excited by the Vitamin A and C. Those stats are pretty staggering considering the fact that when you eat kale it’s hard to have just one serving.

Maybe I’m reading too deeply into things (as I am apt to do) but… It seems to me that kale is most helpful during the wintertime. During flu season, who among us doesn’t like the idea of adding a little extra vitamin C to their diet? And since Vitamin A promotes good vision, especially in low light, who doesn’t want a little more Vitamin A right about now? For those of us without a spare pair of night vision goggles, a little help can go a long way in the winter months.

Now, you may be wondering: how on earth do I prepare this delectable green? Well… answer is… I’m not going to tell you. 🙂 Not yet at least. I’m going to save that for this weekend.

Stay tuned, friends!