Found the beginning of this wee post languishing in my drafts folder from last December and thought it was time for it see the light of day… Enjoy!

I know this probably comes as no surprise but I should admit that I’m a bit of a musical theatre nerd. Though I myself don’t sing or dance (in public), I’m absolutely hooked.

Why do I bring this up? you ask. Well, for some inexplicable reason I’ve had a song from the Pajama Game stuck in my head over these past few days: Think of the Time I’ll Save. I won’t burden you with the details or context of this silly little song, but suffice it to say that it’s all about saving time.

Time is not something I have quite as much of as I once did. In the evening, I so often feel like 8pm takes me by surprise, even when I don’t go for a run after work.

One of the ways, I cut corners in the evening is to occasionally have Dr. McDougall’s soup for dinner, rather than make dinner from scratch. And let me tell you, it makes the time crunch all the sweeter.

vegan soup

Vegan soup: Low in sodium, high in flavor

I looooove this soup. It’s flavorful but low in sodium, hearty but not heavy and truly madly deeply vegan. I grab my week’s supply at Shaw’s but if you’d like to take a closer look, do click the link above. There are lots of different options: lentil, black bean, veggie and countless others.Lately I’ve taken a break from the veggie soup to a lentil soup because I love it so much I’m afraid I’ll OD on it. But that’s probably just my tendency towards ‘constant vigilance’ getting the better of me. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it. It’s impossible.

As the winter months loom ahead, with our first snowfall just last night, I think it will soon be time to try making soup from scratch… on the weekends at least. I planned to develop a stew repertoire last winter (missing Scotland as I was) but alas time got away from me as it so often does. This winter however I am determined (determined!) to stick to the plan — no matter what! Something involving curry, lentils, pumpkin, onions… not at the same time perhaps, but at some time most definitely.

Keep your eyes peeled.